In addition to our team of expert solicitors, we also work with a team of expert nurses.

All our nurses have spent many years working within the NHS, specialising in Continuing Healthcare Assessments. They have all been NHS Assessors and have a detailed understanding of Checklist Assessments, Decision Support Tools and Full Assessments within Multi Disciplinary Teams, having carried them out for years. They know the Assessment criteria inside out.

Whether you use our Checklist Review Service, Advisory Service or Supported Assessment Service, one of our nurses will visit your relative with you in their care environment, to understand their care requirements and help you to understand whether they may be eligible for funding. It’s important to understand that this is not a medical examination of your relative; it’s an opportunity for our nurses to gather important information from you and your relative about their care.

Even if our nurses believe that your relative is not eligible for funding at the moment, it provides you with a benchmark understanding of their care requirements, which you can monitor over time, as care requirements can and often do change very quickly. Our nurses are hand to speak to at any time once the initial assessment has taken place.

Where we are supporting you through our Advisory or Supported Assessment Service, our nurses will be there at any meetings you have with the NHS. They are acting as your relative’s advocate and will argue your case as clinical experts. This is an invaluable service to families in what is always a very daunting environment.

We believe that our expert nurses provide a unique service. We don’t know of any other companies who provide families with access to expert nurses. We believe that this is a vital part of the support process – who better to assess eligibility and then act on your behalf than an experienced Continuing Healthcare nurse, who has had the opportunity to assess your relative face to face.

Even where we provide our Reclaims Service, we still use the same expert nurses to undertake an assessment of your relative’s healthcare records. Our nurses know what to look for in the records, which helps our solicitors to quickly assess whether your relative should have been eligible for funding.

Our clients agree that our nurses are invaluable in the process, which you can read about in our Case Studies, as Mrs P said about her mother’s case…

“A very competent nurse was sent to support me at the assessment meeting where a decision was taken as to whether Continuous Healthcare Funding would be awarded. The presence of the nurse was crucial to the outcome of this case. Her medical knowledge and awareness of assessment criteria resulted in my mother being awarded full funding.”

Or Mr Barrow….

“Farley Dwek ……arranged for one of their experienced nurses to attend the assessment meeting with the local NHS assessment panel. There was a marked change in attitude from the assessment panel when they realised we had someone on our side who was experienced at assessing NHS Continuing Healthcare criteria.

When the meeting was over we were ushered out of the room and then called back in 5 minutes later to say we had been awarded NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.

I  feel like the presence of Farley Dwek in the process was the key factor in our family securing the funding and saving £1,400 per week in care home fees for the BUPA hospital that we had chosen. To say we are pleased with Farley Dwek is an understatement. “

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