We were happy to see The Telegraph again highlighting the issue of care home funding in an article at the weekend. The piece featured the case of a retired postman whose family had successfully recovered more than £80,000 in care home costs.

You now have less than three weeks to register a claim. The deadline is 30th September to potentially reclaim fees going back as far as April 2004. Although the NHS has placed a number of small adverts in newspapers and magazines, advising people of this deadline, not enough is being done to make people aware of the deadline and tell them what they should do.

Hannah McLuckie, one of our experts in this area explained the situation to the Telegraph journalist saying: “As there are no clear-cut guidelines it can be very difficult to claim successfully, unless you have experienced legal help to know what to look for. Sadly, many think that this is deliberate, to reduce the numbers reclaiming these costs.”

You can read the full article here:


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