Fast Track Tool

The NHS Framework sets out further guidelines for the assessment of NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding using what’s known as the Fast Track Tool.

This process for assessment of eligibility for funding is used where (you or) your relative has a rapidly deteriorating condition which may mean that they are entering a terminal phase. In these circumstances the same Decision Support Tool is used but the NHS is under an obligation to make the assessment for eligibility much more quickly, in conjunction with the provision of care in line with End of Life Care Strategy’s set out by the NHS.

If your relative requires a Fast Track Tool assessment it is highly likely that they will have a Primary Health Care need and should qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, although this will not always be the case. In any event the same principles apply to a Fast Track Assessment as to the normal Checklist and Full Assessment, in terms of your relative’s “rights”.

How to ensure you are properly assessed

You can of course deal with the NHS yourself to ensure that a proper assessment for your or your relative’s entitlement to NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is undertaken.

We have produced a Care Funding Guide to help you understand how the process works which you can download for FREE here.

However, our clients often tell us that this is a difficult and daunting process, which is why we have developed our Advisory Service to provide you with legal and clinical expertise to support you through the assessment process.

Have at look at our Advisory Service page for more information about how we can help, or do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 011 4136 or 0161 272 5222 or Contact Us online and we will call you back. Or you can download our Questionnaire, which you can complete and return to us for a FREE ASSESSMENT.

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