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Often, even with the further information you have provided about your relatives care requirements in the Questionnaire, it will still be difficult for our nurses to determine whether your relative may be eligible for funding or not.

In these circumstances we may offer to undertake our Clinical Review Service to you.

If you proceed with our Clinical Review Service, we will send one of our experienced NHS Healthcare Funding specialist nurses to meet both you and your relative to carry out an independent assessment of their care needs, face to face.

Following the assessment meeting, our nurse will produce a detailed report which we will send to you setting out our nurse’s assessment of you relatives care needs. This report follows the same format used by the NHS in determining a patient’s eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.

The report will help you to understand whether in our view there is any realistic prospect of arguing that your relative should potentially qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.

If the report concludes that our nurse believes that your relative may not qualify for funding at the moment, you will be able to use the report going forward in order to monitor important changes in your relative’s condition, which may mean that they are likely to meet the funding criteria in the future. Furthermore, the report will also give you the reassurance of knowing that the matter has been assessed objectively by a skilled nurse who has a wealth of experience in this field, but who is completely independent of the NHS.

If, following the assessment, we believe that your relative could potentially qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, we can offer you further services to assist and guide you through the process of applying for the funding. Or, you can use the report to help you to apply for funding yourself.

The Clinical Review Service is provided on a fixed cost basis.

Case Study

IV7A2891 AG

Mrs. P contacted us for help with her mothers NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Assessment. She felt that her mother should receive funding and had organized a Checklist Assessment date with her mothers CCG, but having read our Free Guides and considered the process, she felt that she needed support.

We assessed her mother’s condition and agreed that we felt she would qualify for funding. One of our senior nurses arranged to attend the Assessment as her advocate.The NHS Assessor started the meeting by saying that on her initial assessment, she felt that Mrs. P’s mother didn’t score highly in any of the care domains and appeared to have a stable condition requiring routine care.

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