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Interest Rate Swaps

Has your business has been mis-sold an interest rate swap?

We will help you recover the correct level of compensation and manage the process professionally with your bank.

We offer independent, straightforward legal advice and are fully regulated by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority to advise businesses on legal matters including those connected to the issue of interest rate swaps.

If your business – or your client – has been sold an interest rate swap product by your bank then it is possible you could recover many thousands of pounds in compensation and interest.

We understand it is tempting to settle with the bank directly but it is likely that we are able to secure a better deal for you and your business and uncover even more issues that may have arisen in your business since signing up to an ‘interest rate swap’.

Call our team now on 0800 774 7280 for a FREE no obligation assessment.

What’s more we don’t take a penny from you up front – and we operate on a no win-no fee basis.*

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 Interest Rate Swaps

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