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If you would like to learn more about NHS Continuing Healthcare funding and how you can challenge the NHS yourself, we suggest you also have a look at the Care To Be Different website.

Care To Be Different was established by an ordinary individual after she fought for many years to secure NHS Continuing Healthcare funding for her own parents. The website provides the most comprehensive online FREE resource, for families trying to get to grips with issues around care funding, including an online Forum, to allow families to share their experiences.

Care To Be Different regularly hears stories from families who are experiencing appalling practices by the NHS and local authority assessors. The original founder of Care To Be Different has spoken about this at length on radio, TV and in the press and has often been featured and quoted in the press.

Care To Be Different has also published a book How to get the NHS to pay for Care, which you can purchase from their website. You might find this to be a useful resource, having first read our Free Guide, as the book covers the process in much more detail.

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